Women 2.0 Connector Case Study


Executive Summary:

PickAxe created a networking app for Women 2.0 on Android and iOS in under 3 weeks, testing a product idea.

The Challenge

Women 2.0’s mission is to help women network with other entrepreneurial women. The community had expressed an interest in more contextual networking at live events. Also, they wanted to keep membership data in-house, but not pay the 50-100K for a new app.

Larger Perspective:

Many organizations and CEOs have an idea for an app, but don’t have the budget to invest 100K to build it out entirely. Prototypes help test business ideas.

Solution Proposed:

We addressed Women 2.0’s core community need- contextual networking:  attendees are encouraged to snap a photo of themselves at the conference, search for others, enter a bio, or “follow” others. Deployed on iOS and Android, in time their next conference a month later.

To avoid backend issues or impact, we proposed a new cloud architecture and contract CTO services.

The Results

With tight scheduling of our personnel and the project, we were able to launch in the iTunes store a week before the conference.

95% of the attendees used the app, for an average of 1 ½ minutes, 3 sessions per user, following others on average 8x. On average 30% of those that received upsell messaging clicked through. The decision to use mobile web views caused some issues, but also saved us in last minute fixes.  The prototype enabled 200 attendees to lead direction in continuing product development.


PickAxe estimates projects based on time and personnel, based on feature complexity.


Women 2.0 was able to launch a custom app to two marketplaces, promote connecting, and, get product direction for the next phase of development–  for a low cost and increased membership.