Pet To Give, from The Animal Rescue Site

Pet To Give

We recently worked with the Animal Rescue Site to create Pet To Give, a fun app that helps rescue animals. By petting an animal 6 times a day, each time donates kibble to animal rescue shelters.

For Android and iOS, this simple way of giving prompts users two times a day with push notifications reminding them to come back and donate kibble. The pets are animations of hearts and stars, and users see a mixed set of dog and cat images. PickAxe Mobile created this in two months for both platforms.

Some features implemented: Desktop For Publishers ad network, Google Analytics, animation, local push notifications and remote administration site with live content, hosted on Amazon.

10 thoughts on “Pet To Give, from The Animal Rescue Site

  1. Val S.

    Signed onto app for dogs AND cats. Get only dogs. If that means kibble goes to dogs only, please fix. If kibble goes to dogs and cats no matter what, then it’s okay as is.

  2. Annette Stevenson

    All of a sudden I am only getting kitties to pet, I am a dog lover, so can I please start getting some dogs to pet? This is a wonderful way to help out the rescue centers. Thank you!!!

  3. Evelyn Franklin

    I really enjoy this app. & use it at every opportunity I can. I’ve had this site twice now, because I’ve had too clear my phone CP out. The first time I had well over 2,000 bowls of food, this time I’ve had some problems with this site! I’ve already deleted once because it started not letting me feed my dogs? One time I would check & it would say 11/2 hrs to next feeding . when I would check it would say 11 hrs 20 mins 13 sec. What’s up with that? I went 3 days with this going on before I deleted my app for this, then readded it. Now after only 3-4 days it’s starting all over again, I do love this site & do it as often as I can! Must be you haven’t got all the fleas out of it yet, I do hope your working on this so I can continue helping out! Thank you

  4. CyndiLou

    The Pet To give App is not working right.
    It did this the other day as well. When you
    click on the app it keep going. It goes through
    all the pets really fast and doesn’t stop on one
    pet, it just keeps flashing different animals.
    I just thought I’d let you know. I’m sure other
    people are experiencing the something as well.

  5. CyndiLou

    This app keeps messing up. I don’t want to delete it and start over. I’ve done that, I had to do it last week because of the same issues . Is it fixable or will I have to delete and download again? I don’t want to keep dog this each week,
    so please can you fix the problem?

  6. Kathy Bigler

    When is the Pet To Give App going to be fixed? When I first got it it worked just fine. Now though the animals go into a continuous loop and you can’t pet them. I left this fact as feedback on the app store as did many other people. As much as I love animals I seriously want to delete this app as I am tired of rebooting my phone every time to pet the animals. Just tell me are you going to fix it or not.

  7. Maureen Demar Hall

    I have this app and have been using it but it says I’ll hear the cats purr as I pet them! It doesn’t do that………no big deal but I wonder if there’s a problem!

  8. Tina Tyner

    I truly enjoy Pet To Give and I do it every day. This morning when I was petting, I was almost at 4000 kibbles and it went backwards. I hope my pets are going towards kibbles, and don’t understand why the count decreased


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