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4 Lists of Mobile Advertising Companies

YourAdHereMobileIn a quick quest to learn more about what options were available for mobile advertising, I came across a few links that list what companies are out there. I discovered there were more options than initially imagined.  The largest list has more than 400 companies listed.  Perhaps this will be helpful for you too!

Here’s what was discovered organized by list size:

Small – 9 Mobile Advertising Services via Tut+

Medium – The top 10 mobile advertising companies via VentureBeat

Large – Top 50 Mobile Advertising Platforms in 2013 via AppFlood

X-Large – Extensive List of Mobile Ad Network Companies (400+)  via Abhinav Gulyani

Announcing… Thinknote!


THINKNOTE, the latest app from PickAxe Mobile, is in the Apple iTunes store! Download today to make music with your mind, when coupled with the NEUROSKY MINDWAVE headset.

The NeuroSky MindWave headset reads brain activity and creates two algorithms- attention and meditation- and recognizes blinking. Thinknote translates these into a musical chorus.  With Thinknote, you can hear what it sounds like when you think of a loved one, when you’re studying for an exam,  or when you meditate.  Discover new new ways of making music with Thinknote.

Self-discovery through Wearables

IMG_0280With all of the new emerging technologies in wearable personal hardware, we are inundated with data. How to interpret it becomes the challenge. For many, we can easily interpret the results of various data points if it’s through sound. Creating a unique feedback experience leads to insights into our brain and thought patterns, as well as a composition tool, that you can download and share to Facebook or via email.

Audio feedback: a unique brainwave experience

Most, if not all of the feedback apps in the store for the MindWave visually represent data. Experiencing brainwaves as music not only helps reduce the amount of feedback while you’re monitoring your brainwaves, but also creates music and melodies all on its own. Realize how it unlocks the mind’s expression by turning data into something easily recognizable, sound.

How we chose the sounds

IMG_0288In this current release, we created the meditation sound as a vocal chorus. The attention algorithm is represented as violins and a string section. Blinks are a percussive cymbal crash sound.  We believe using escalating notes that start low in the octave scale and going higher, mirrors the way the brain waves move up and down from low points to high points.  This is determined by the value from the MindWave of intensity of brainwave, for attention, meditation or blinks. See how the colors mimic the audio, adding another layer of feedback.

Who we are

PickAxe Mobile created the popular Facebook mobile game Lyrics, an open-ended singing game, think: karaoke “Words With Friends.” Many apps later, we are helping entrepreneurs and organizations launch mobile products to get their first customers, or first funding. Contact for more information or opportunities.



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