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Beta Testing on Both Platforms – Android and iOS


1. Upload your APK to the Beta tab of Google Play’s developer console.
2. Create a community in Google Plus, and invite your users.
3. Add the link to the community page to your Beta.
4. Click on “invite testers” and you will receive a link to the app on the play store- but just for testers (it has “testing” in the path).
5. Email your users, and emphasize that they should click this link on their device- obvious but bears pointing out- and give it a few hours.


1. Upload a release version of your app to the Prerelease tab on iTunesConnect. This requires an almost complete store profile.
2. Submit it for approval (still in pre-release mode, will not be public).
3. Add external testers in the “prerelease” tab of iTunesConnect, for your app.
4. Invite them.
Note: there is potentially more complexity to this that I will detail in another blog post. This is the best case scenario- that has actually worked for me. For internal alpha users, yes, that was buggy as of a month ago.

Both methods are key to getting a good set of beta testers. I used to use TestFlight for both Android and iOS, and those were great days. Both platforms are now more advanced than old TestFlight, with crash reports and better user management. Apple still has some kinks to work out but it worth it for a nice process that doesn’t require device Ids.

Also, checkout the bug I found: using Gmail to check for app invitations results in errors. More: here.