Don’t Use Gmail- And Other Random Tips to Using iTunesConnect + TestFlight

The integration of TestFlight services into iTunesConnect has been bumpy. Here are some troubleshooting tips:

1. Don’t Use Gmail To Accept Invitation


If you’re having issues getting your AppleId to work in an Internal tester of iTunesConnect- don’t use Gmail to launch TestFlight, nor accept the initial invitation.

To slow it down…

iTunesConnect’s implementation of TestFlight requires that you have an AppleId. Many of us have several, or we don’t want to use our personal one. So, you can create a new one, such as, “banane+atf”… subdomain your Gmail email. Problem is, when you get the link from TestFlight, and click on it to accept the invitation to your app, it will forward you through a strange loop, or, just fail. I kept getting TestFlight with my personal AppleID, and no apps displayed.

This is fixed if you don’t use Gmail to access your email from Apple. Just forward it to another mailbox. Yep. Then, clicking on the button will accept your user and you will see your app added.

2. Add Contact Email To Build Each Time

Each build you upload- click on the Build, click on TestFlight tab, and “Test Information”. Add your contact email. It won’t show up in the TestFlight iOS app until you do this crucial step. Then, click to “Testers”, and your internal testers should be there.