Anna Billstrom

me_hatMobile developer (iOS, Android, Mobile Web), software engineer (Rails, Java), and database architect. Anna’s been building products users love for 15 years. Recently Lead Developer at the RealReal, she’s also been an award-winning iOS developer for multiple device gaming.

She started coding in math class when she was 12 and never stopped, despite getting a degree from Reed College in English. She worked in the Dot Com as a Java software engineer. She then specialized in CRM systems, for numerous Fortune 500 corporate clients such as Microsoft, Disney and Wells Fargo. She and Kyle took a break in 2010 to create Lyrics, an Android/iOS open-ended game, the “Draw Something” for Karaoke. Realizing they had a knack for it, they started consulting for other companies who quickly wanted to functionally realize their business ideas. Anna provides the engineering support and technical architecture for Pickaxe Mobile. Being a true Cupertino native, she owns every Apple product, but claims to like Androids better.

Kyle Mock

0cdc920Kyle has a Fine Arts degree from California College of the Arts, and is an internationally exhibited artist in a former life. Product manager, UI/UX designer, Kyle created products for clients: Levi’s, Coach, and Red Hat. Product manager with The RealReal, where he  ushered 3 different iOS (iPad and iPhone) apps into the Apple Store, as well as managing a large backend supply and order processing server. Recently, he has worked on Women 2.0’s Connector, Lyrics, and Haymaker iPhone and mobile apps. Kyle has a keen sense for user happiness, as well as design chops. Android or iPhone, you ask? Both, of course.

Yi Liu – Fall Intern

Yi LiuYi got a Computer Science and math degrees from San Francisco State University. Now focus learning Android App development and java at City College of San Francisco and got both certificates. He done quality assurance in Ziff Davis, code extraction in SRI, and IT work in US Army Reserve. He does not own any Apple product, but would like to learn Swift and iPhone App development with Swift later. He has an Android phone Galaxy s5. Currently he is an intern at PickAxe Mobile. His goal is to become Android game developer.

DJ Gilmore – Summer Intern

DJ_leavesDJ currently studies Computer Science at City College of San Francisco. He’s focusing on learning Java and Mobile Development. DJ loves music, traveling, reading and baseball. He has an iPhone 5s and yet wants to develop for Android. Hopefully enjoying the PickAxe Mobile internship, his focus is on sound, games, and whatever else we can throw at him in the world of Android.